The Podháj Tourist Guesthouse

Accommodation in forest, near rocks


Accommodation in double, triple and quadruple rooms is suitable for tourists, outdoor schools, families with children and various interest groups.

Parkování u objektu
  • The Podháj Tourist Guesthouse is situated in a quiet area in the middle of the forest about a 12-minute walk from the campsite, next to the nearby pond Židlík, across from Josefův pramen, and surrounded by a nature reserve on all sides. From here the trails will lead you directly to the beautiful surroundings of the Bohemian Paradise (nature reserves, rocks, castles, forests, ponds, and their inhabitants)

    Each room has a sink with hot and cold water and a small fridge. On each floor there are shared sanitary facilities, separated for men and women.

    On the ground floor you can find a common room with a bar for the residents.

    Pets are not allowed. Parking is available directly in front of the building.

    Accommodation can be booked together with meals (breakfast, dinner, or half board). We make special catering arrangements with schools. Other guests can order catering through the online booking system by writing their wishes (not only for the meals) in the notes. We serve breakfast between 8.00 and 9.00 am and dinner between 6.00 and 6.30 pm. Price list accommodation and meals in the Penzion Podháj (PDF). 

    The check-in itself takes place between 2pm and 5pm, though individual arrangements can be made if the time is not convenient for any reason.

    Guests of Podháj can make use of all services, swimming places, and programmes of Autocamp Sedmihorky.

  • Ceník ubytování 2024

    PODHÁJ 2024

    duben, říjen

    květen, červen, září

    červenec svátky

    červenec, srpen

    2 lůžkový pokoj

    590 Kč

    700 Kč

    990 Kč

    890 Kč

    2 lůžkový pokoj s balkonem

    650 Kč

    780 Kč

    1040 Kč

    940 Kč

    3 lůžkový pokoj

    790 Kč

    990 Kč

    1400 Kč


    4 lůžkový pokoj

    1000 Kč

    1250 Kč

    1750 Kč

    1550 Kč

    4 lůžkový s balkonem

    1080 Kč

    1300 Kč

    1790 Kč

    1590 Kč

    školní sk. / lůžko

    230 Kč

    260 Kč

    bez slev

    bez slev

    poplatek obci

    20 Kč

    20 Kč

    20 Kč

    20 Kč


    45 Kč

    55 Kč

    65 Kč

    65 Kč

    úschova kola / noc

    20 Kč

    20 Kč

    20 Kč

    20 Kč

    příplatek za ubytování na 1 noc / lůžko

    50 Kč

    50 Kč

    50 Kč

    50 Kč


    220 Kč

    220 Kč

    250 Kč

    250 Kč

    Ceny jsou uvedeny za 1 noc za celý pokoj včetně DPH. Kompletní ceník ke stažení včetně cen stravování v Penzionu Podháj (PDF).

  • Orientation map of the arrival to the Podháj guesthouse:

    Orientační mapka příjezdu k penzionu Podháj Detailed campsite map